Aims and Objectives

♦ To help and support the TRIBAL Communities and Tribal people in the country by providing them good Education, Literacy, Health/ Medical support by conducting Medical Camps, Awareness programmes, Exhibitions, Conferences & Meetings in Tribal Areas.

♦ To conduct Training Camps, Establishment of Training Institutions, Medical Centres, Hospitals, Research Institutes, Hostels for poor children, Shelter Homes, Old Age Homes and Community Halls/Centres in all TRIBAL Areas in India..

♦ To Establish Rehabilitation Centers, Refugee Camps in Tribal Areas and to concentrate in cultivating the fallow lands in Tribal Areas for the Economic Development of Tribal People.To Construct the Shelters, Houses, Colonies, Buildings for the Tribal People in their Tribal Areas for a better living.

♦ To Help & Support the HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected People. To Support the Leprosy Patients and to Construct & Establish Medical Research Centres in Tribal Areas.

♦ To maintain the Ecological Balance in Tribal Areas by cultivating the Fallow Lands and to Setup Agricultural Research Centres in Tribal Areas.

♦ To facilitate redressal of grievances in cases of actual violation of existing law and to accelerate the social and economic development of Women.

♦  “Society For The Development Of Human Health & Education” is particularly concerned about the Rights of Men, Women and Child, given the increase in the instances of Sexual assault and Crime against Women and Child in recent times.

♦ To promote the welfare of Men,Women and Child and to protect the women and children against any form of indecent assault and to improve the status of women in the state & country.

♦ To Help and Support the ignored, disregarded, over-looked, victimised, oppressed, depressed, tortured human beings and to create awareness in them with regard to their Rights. “society for the development of human health & education” collects problems, complaints and grievances of the sufferers and also anti-social,anti-governmental activities and places them in front of prevailing government administration, police and courts.

♦ To maintain comprehensive data base relating to the social and political conditions of all men, women & children and to take up promotional & educational research to suggest ways of ensuring the due representation of Women in all spheres and identity factors responsible for impending this advancement.

♦ To adopt Rights-based approach to areas such as Education, Employment and Food Security, which are basic endowments for Dignified Human existence.

♦ To promote and educate Equality, as well as EquityIinternational Integration, Non-violence, Peace, Equal Justice, Protection to Men, Women and Child.

♦ To provide Legal Aid and support and to promote/solve issues related to Health Care, Food problem, Humanitarian Relief/Refugees of Men,Women and Child.

♦ To organize and to promote Educational & vocational training programmes with special focus for Men, Women/Girls and unemployed Men, Women and Youth to train and provide New Skills, Refine/Upgrade the existing skills leading to Employment, Self-Employment, Income generation and Rehabilitation programmes.

♦ To promote Women Socities, Organizations & Forums such as Co-operative Societies, SHG’s Women Associations, Youth and Women workers with a view to undertaking collective activities for Socio-economic development.

♦ To organize Health & Education Conferences, Summits, Seminars, Meetings, Group discussions, Debates, Study courses, Statistical Surveys, Exhibitions, Educational & Promotional Tours/Trips in India and Abroad.

♦ To Train & Educate the Men & Women/Girls for facing the Challenges of the Pluralistic Society and rising conflicts and tensions in the name of particularistic loyalties to caste, religion and culture and to work in close cooperate with National & State Human Rights Commissions, Women, Minorities SC., ST., and NGO and Media Organizations for the promotion of Human Rights Education.

♦ To promote Social progress and better standard of life and activity in cooperation with Government Of India and other Countries to promote the welfare of all Men, Women and Child. To Establish/construct and conduct Centers/shelters of Treatment and Rehabilitation for the Victims of Violation of Human Rights.

♦ To actively participate and join hands with the Government Of India and other Countries to promote Human Rights Education and help Legal, Social and Economic discrimination against Women/girls and their exploitation in different ways.

♦ To Publish Books, Encyclopaedias, Monographs, Journals and Directories on Education, Health and study and prepare Reports on the Violation etc. To open conduct Training camps, seminars and workshops for the development of Arts & Culture and to Raise Funds through Donations, Subscriptions, Trade to fulfil the Aims & Objectives of the Organization.

♦ To support Men, Women and Child through the UN Frame work, Democratic and Economic Reforms in Countries coming out of total control and to restrict Co-operation with Governing Regimes that violate Human Rights.

♦ To Establish/Form “Society for the Development of Human Health & Education” Wings, Units/Centers in the fields of Legal, Environment, Media, Youth, Women, Spiritual, Political, Publication, Health, Film, Trade, Education, Project and Planning, Technology, Labour and Culture. These Wings, Units/Centers will be functioning independently and globally under the control and supervision of Society HeadQuarters and the Governing Body.

♦ To constantly pursue with the government for implementation of Social Welfare Schemes for the Welfare of Women and Child viz., setting up of Shelter Homes, Rehabilitation Centres, Training Centres, construction and establishment of Schools, Hospitals and other Institutions.

♦ To popularize Women and Child Rights Education by way of Case studies, Documentaries and Distance Learning Programmes and to establish Establish Electronic, Print and Voice Media to promote “society for the development of human health & education “activities in India and Abroad. Society will also participate in Joint Venture Projects with the Government Of India or State Government Department, Authorities approved by the Government or any other Agencies approved by the Government Of India and Abroad as the Case may be.

♦ To rise Civic, Social and National consciousness of all Human Beings to help them play useful and effective part in the public life of the Country and to make their full contribution to National Unity, Integrity and Development. To prepare and Empower Women Leaders from Village Panchayat to Indian Parliament to represent the Women Community in the State Assembly, Councils, Parliament and various Government Committees and Boards (official and non-official).

♦ “Society For The Development Of Human Health & Education” will create a Corpus Fund out of Trading activities on Non-Profit-No-Loss basis to sustain its activities/projects from the Self-generated resources. To obtain Annual Budget allocations of both State and Central Government and other Local Bodies for all economic and other Schemes proportionate to the Men, Women and Child Welfare.

♦ To Establish and conduct National and International Campus any where in India and Abroad to achieve the Objectives mentioned above.To do all things incidental and ancillary, which are necessary to achieve the above Aims & Objectives.

♦ To make the people aware about his legal rights, duties & privileges provided by government of India and the other private & public organizations and to assist them to get the benefit of that privileges.

♦ To do all other things incidental and ancillary, which are necessary to achieve the above aims and objectives.