Our Vision

Help the poor to establish themselves in all possible ways. To provide help for the poor and bright students in backward areas. Monetary help for the orphanages and old age homes.To adopt Rights-based approach to areas such as Education, Health, Food Security, Employment which are basic endownments for dignified Human Existence."EMPOWERMENT OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL AND PROTECTING THE DIGNITY AND SELF RESPECT OF EVERY HUMAN BEING".To promote/solve issues related to health care, food problem, and humanitarian relief. To promote the awareness about protection of Environment & population control.

Our Mission

To Help and Support the ignored, disregarded, over-looked, victimised, oppressed, depressed, tortured human beings and to create awareness in them with regard to their Rights.To rise the Civic, Social, and National consciousness of Tribal people and to help them play useful and effective part in the public life of the country and to make them full contribution to National Unity, Integrity and development.To organize and to promote educational & vocational Training programmes with special focus for deprived sections, in Tribal areas, women/girls and unemployed youth to train and provide skills, refine/upgrade the existing skills leading to Employment, Self-employment, Income generation and Rehabilitation Programmes.