Eradicating Poverty

The journey has not been an easy one and it has cost them everything in their commitment. It was in part this determination and faith that led us to form this community and begin our programme, which today takes care of poor children.We are a community of the like-minded,a charity foundation who shares an intention to alleviate poverty and people suffering around the world.

Helping Disabled

We believe that everyone has the right and will support disabled with expert advice and practical help to achieve their goals. We aim to give them practical advice and support so they can take more control of their future. Talking to us can often uncover new understanding and belief in their own abilities and show them ways to achieve their goals.

Donations Work

Donations will help the poor in such a way that we provide education for children, health care for old people, clothing, food, medicines for leprosy patients, moral and physical support to disabled people so that we create them a good environment for their life.