Orphan Home

A project specially for the children who are left alone in the society. There are many needy homeless children. We appreciate any kind of support given for the upcoming project. The image shows the land for Orphan Home building construction.


Ashrayam Foundation started an initiative to educate poor children. For this we started a project to construct a school for needy children. The image shows land for construction of school building. We also started welfare activities with the help of our Members and Volunteers. We would be thankful if we get more help. We noticed that these section of needy kids are suffering from malnutrition due to unavailability of regular food and dirty/naked body due to unavailability of Shelter and Cloth and always found with lots of diseases because of the unavailability of any Medical support. And the root of all problems is the Illiteracy.


Around the country where we closely work with our team. to help underprivileged kids and trying to stand beside them. we have started schools and community development projects. We request the volunteers to donate books,benches,study materials,Cloth Distribution,stationary. We welcome volunteers to support us.